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 Michelle Davis
(219) 764-6646
The library at Jones is the place to be! We have thousands of books to take you on an adventure. No matter what your interest, the Jones Media Center can help you read, research, or learn about it.


The library has open check out times from arrival to 9:30 and 2:30 through dismissal. Once per week each class is scheduled to visit the media center. Students may use the time to find a new A.R. book, request books from other schools, check out a periodical, check their library account or of course READ. Parents are always encouraged to come in and volunteer their time. Please contact Mrs. Davis for more information.


Jones Media Center is not only filled with thousands of books for the students, it also has a large professional section. There are many resources for the teachers and staff. The Jones Media Center works side by side with the staff to teach and promote success in every child.


Also, twice a year the Jones Media Center hosts the Scholastic Book Fair. The fall book fair is a traditional book fair selling books, computer software, posters, and fun gadgets. The book fair in May is the most popular fair due to it being a Buy one, Get One Free fair. Be sure to check your calendars for the date!


Please feel free to stop in anytime, email or call. We would love to hear from you!