Elementary School Children and Bullying: What to do?

Elementary School Children and Bullying: What to do?

AtJones Elementary, we strive to ensure that each and every child learnshow to: Be Responsible; Be Respectful; Be Safe and Be Prepared. We knowthat setting clear boundaries and setting high expectations help ouryoung people grow up healthy, caring and responsible.

Ourgoal this month is to highlight respectful communication. We arepracticing respectful conversational skills at the lunch table, in ourclassrooms and through our curriculum.

Werealize that many of our young students are communicating during afterschool hours through use of varied technology. While there are manypositive aspects of the use of social media, Cyber-bullying hasbeen on the rise nationally the last 5 years not only with teens butwith children as young as 7. Increases in substance abuse and suicidalthoughts and attempts in young people aged 10 to 14 have been linked to Cyber-bullying.

What Can Parents Do?

Attached is a Cyber-bullyingTipSheet for Parents that provides some helpful ideas. The followingDevelopmental Assets also provide some guidance in dealing with thisissue:

Family Boundaries: Family has clear and consistent rules and consequences and monitors the child’s whereabouts.(This would include their whereabouts on their phones and online)

AdultRole Models: Parent(s) and other adults in the child’s family, as wellas nonfamily adults, model positive, responsible behavior.Itis helpful to practice respectful communication by sitting togetherover a meal and talking about daily events. Parents may also discuss anddemonstrate what is appropriate online behavior and language and whatis not.

Ifyou are concerned about this issue and would like to discuss it furtheror would like a parent workshop or presentation offered to address thisissue, please contact Mrs. Carpenter our Home/School Advisor at school.

Ifyou are aware of bullying and/or Cyber-bullying occurring among ourstudents at any time, please feel free to call our school to report itor call ourBullying Hotline: 764-6528. You may report bullying anonymously on the hotline.